The Rival (video)

Welcome to my first videospleen! This is my reading of the erotic story The Rival, by JD. In addition to this being the first videospleen, this also marks the début of Gertie the Rubber Chicken.



Gertie and I won first prize in the LoveHoney Erotic Story Video Competition, so this is now an award-winning spleencast!

Let’s hear it for Gertie!

LoveHoney Competition Winner Banner - 500x
Gertie and I won an award!

Gertie Appears Courtesy Of The Spleencast

Further Update

Due to an unfortunate blip with, I had to find another host for the video version of this spleencast.   I’ve now sorted that out, so hopefully The Rival (video) will be uneventfully accessible to everybody who wants it from now on.

I apologise to anybody who had difficulties accessing this spleencast during the transition period.


About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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11 Responses to The Rival (video)

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  2. Ian says:

    Well done, but I have to admit very much a woman putting herself in a man’s place of jealousy. It’s much more like a woman going ape-shit because she discovered porno mags or a wanking device. But maybe that’s why I’m not with anybody at the moment, I’m just not jealous and dominant enough for post-feminist victims.

    • Well, I didn’t write the story, it was actually written by a man called JD. I agree that the male character behaves incredibly unreasonably and increasingly irrationally throughout the story. He lies, he steals, he abdicates responsibility for his behaviour, and the only consequences he must face are his girlfriend having more sex with him.

      But then, this is a fictional male sexual fantasy written by a man, so it’s only to be expected that he would fantasise about his unacceptable behaviour being rewarded with lots of sex.

      One thing, what’s a “post-feminist victim”?

  3. Ian says:

    I thought you had written it! So I was thinking along lines of projecting the kind of jealousy (or insecurity) that sometimes turns up on women’s help pages with a plaintive “Aren’t I enough for him?” when she discovers the porn stash.

    ‘Post-feminist victims’ are women with all the traditional ‘Victorian’ views about the general nastiness of sex as something men do to women for men, but expressed in feminist language, so instead of despising sexual women as ‘sluts’ they pity them as ‘sex objects’ – no better than ‘fallen women really’ – and similar.

    • I think you’d be surprised at how many men do the same thing for the same reasons, but with a different style. Instead of whining plaintively, my experience is that they get hostile and angry and otherwise have a tantrum if their female partner ever dares to enjoy sexual pleasure from anything other than The Sacred Penis. A lot of men I’ve met are incredibly insecure sexually, and usually their ideas of sex are mostly limited to their penis in a woman’s vagina followed by their ejaculation. I’ve found that these men can often feel threatened by even the tiniest of tiny vibrators. I’ve also found that if these men cannot fully satisfy their partners using The Holy Cock alone  (and lets face it, most women need a whole lot more than that),  then they would rather have a tantrum and leave their partners unsatisfied than open their minds to new ideas. I don’t know about you, but my kind of partner is a lot less hung up on their ego and a whole lot more interested in my satisfaction. :p

      So I don’t find the reaction of the man in the story to be all that unusual. As far as I’m concerned, the most unrealistic fantasy part of the whole story is the girlfriend’s tolerant amused sexual arousal every time he acts like a dick. No matter which character has which gender in this story, the accommodating reaction of the transgressed-against partner is totally unimaginable to me in any reality I’ve encountered.

      And thank you for your explanation of “post-feminist victim”, I hadn’t encountered that term before, and web searches turned up a only a few examples of it without defining it. A search for the term alone yielded one page of results. I must say, I haven’t personally encountered any people who fit that description.

  4. Ian says:

    Sadly, I guess you’re right and it dumped me in a sad position just under a year ago. I guess it’s an insecurity thing and to be honest, men have a lot more to be insecure about. Women can find themselves fighting unwanted attention off but only James Bond ever has to do that!

    What gets – maybe not so much missed as downright suppressed – is that real satisfaction is more than just physical for men too. I noticed it a bit when I knew some teenage girls about 20 years ago. Some of them had a very ‘masculine’ attitude that would rather get pounded than delicate stuff, but I think that’s ‘flush of youth’ and they soon grow to expect more. It’s notable that those were the promiscuous ones – they evidently didn’t find it satisfying. We should be more like Latins (without overdoing the worship stuff) that the real sexual measure of a man is his ability to satisfy a woman, not the tape sort.

    The trouble is that it is such an obvious thing and reaction so apparant. Women show few obvious physical signs of just how they’re feeling. It can be hard to convince a woman too that it doesn’t always need to be wrenched around like a poker in the fire to feel good 😮 (or maybe O-O in Japanese)

    It must make a difference that men’s emotions will follow the physical, while with women it is much more the other way round (or rape could barely exist). So it’s possible to be physically finished but still irritably feeling incomplete with nothing to do about it. Reverse, it’s possible to feel satisfied but too tired for an actual ejaculation.

    Where I got caught was a friend who couldn’t have intercourse. It didn’t matter to me but it did to her and trying to convince her that I couldn’t really want it unless she enjoyed – I’d see that as rape – went all the wrong way. She made me feel like she saw it as something I must need and she felt bad about not being able to supply. I saw it like there are some fetishes I like that border on yours (without the power emphasis) but having a good time with somebody that enjoys what they’re doing far outweighs wanting them to play games.

    • “The trouble is that it is such an obvious thing and reaction so apparant. Women show few obvious physical signs of just how they’re feeling. It can be hard to convince a woman too that it doesn’t always need to be wrenched around like a poker in the fire to feel good”

      Just to ensure clarity, when you said “it”, did you mean “a penis”?

      Sure, men get erections, but men can get erections over practically anything at all, so the only thing I know for sure when I see an erection is that the penis is erect. That tells me nothing about the man’s state of mind otherwise, because as you say, attraction and arousal is more than physical for men as well as women.

      I think you may be mistaken about the physical signs. I think all genders show pretty categorical signs of interest or disinterest. Is she still there talking to you? Is she still in the room? Is she sitting near you or far away? Does she seem animated or bored? I admit that I have more difficulty telling when women are interested in me than men, but then I have less experience with women, so I expect that will change over time. The signs are there, believe me, it’s just a matter of training yourself to notice them. And you can always ask, because you know, a worded answer is pretty informative too. 🙂

      I’m guessing that what you’re actually saying is that you personally are unable to tell when a woman is attracted to you, and you find that problematic. I’m assuming you’re heterosexual, because if you were bi, then you’d know that you had the same problems with men.

      And if you’ve had problems with women who didn’t know how to handle your penis pleasurably, then why not say something and show them? I’d’ve never learnt anything if my partners hadn’t spoken up and shown me what they liked.

      As for your friend who couldn’t have intercourse, some people have issues which mutually exclude each other and sometimes there’s nothing you can do except work on your own self awareness. Extreme care and precise explicitness with words is an incredibly useful skill to have, and can lead to a lot of very wonderful things. 🙂

  5. The Doctor says:

    This video was great. Jealousy can be understood and partly resolved but the deep animal instinct to protect potential fatherhood issues isn’t easily washed away… Jealousy is the close friend of envy. Desire and passion makes people do the craziest things, good, bad and all that comes in between.

    • Thank you. 🙂

      However, I didn’t write, or even like this story. I thought that when the girlfriend discovered her boyfriend’s bullshit, her responses were unrealistically friendly, happy and supportive. I would have expected her to ask why he kept choosing to address his problems like a 4-year-old by repeatedly hiding and lying, when he could have chosen at any time to discuss them with her like an adult.

      He spends the entire story trying to disenfranchise his girlfriend’s sexuality, and all she wants to do in response is laugh and reward him with sex? No, I don’t think so.

      This is a man’s fantasy, and a man wrote this story. I just presented it with a rubber chicken. 😛

  6. johny radio says:

    I don’t see how this is a man’s fantasy. He got fucked in the ass, and the vibrator won. What happened to the “punish me” part? It almost got good. The guy in this story is insecure and has a weak ego. He should have told her at the beginning, “the vibrator goes, or i go. Now get on your knees for being bad.” Or, if he was really confident, he would not have cared about the damn vibrator. And sneakily trying to get rid of it? And then being scared of being “in trouble”? What a loser. Why does this hot chick date such a loser?

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