What’s A Spleencast?


  • spleen•cast   | ˈspliːn.kast |
  • proper noun
    an idiosyncratic podcast by Lady Lubyanka.   The “spleen” portion of this term reflects a recurring spleen venting element, which is one defining characteristic.

    spleen•cast   | ˈspliːn.kast |    spleen•casted  | ˈspliːn.kastɪd |
    spleen•casting  | ˈspliːn.kastɪŋ |
    verb [ trans. ]
    create or publish a spleencast  
    Having not yet cast a spleen this month, Lady Lubyanka will be spleencasting soon.

    spleen•casty  | ˈspliːn.kasti |  
    adjective [ attrib. ]
    of, about, or similar to Lady Lubyanka’s spleencast  
    Julie retaliated with a spleencasty retort.

    spleen•castily   | ˈspliːn.kastɪli | adverb
    perform, act, make, or do in a spleencast-like style  
    She riposted spleencastily.
    spleen•caster   | ˈspliːn.kastər | noun
    (mostly of Lady Lubyanka)   the creator of a spleencast  
    Lady Lubyanka is developing her abilities as a spleencaster.
    spleen•cast•ee   | ˈspliːn.kastiː | noun
    a recipient, listener, or fan of a spleencast or other work by a spleencaster
    The new spleencast was eagerly awaited by all the spleencastees.
    Etymology   late April 2009 (as a noun) by Lady Lubyanka  –  portmanteau of spleen and podcast.



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