Recording Foley

I’ve documented some of my foley gathering experiences, and this is where I’ve decided to put that stuff.   🙂

07 June 2009

On 07 June 2009 at 04:30, I undertook an expedition outside to a wee courtyard at the back of my apartment block to record some foley for Lady Julia‘s hypnotic Relax Now audio recording.   And kvetch bravely accompanied me on my foley mission, even though it was stupid o’clock.  

He rocks.   🙂

This is the wee courtyard behind our apartment block which was perfect for certain foley recording.   I was enjoying kvetch’s back view  (as I so often do).
The courtyard in which we recorded foley at stupid o'clock.
In this image  (as in the one above)  the microphone is set up for recording the wind in the leaves of the small tree growing in the courtyard.
Recording foley - wind rustling tree leaves.
This is some of the wind-in-tree-leaves audio from that recording session.

This is foley artistry in action!   I got kvetch to snap this image of my foley-artist-in-action pose.   He couldn’t take it during the recording of course, the sound of the camera and his clothes rustling from his movements would have been picked up by the microphone.
Footsteps - Foley artistry in action!  (well, ok, it's posed, could you tell?)
This is a close-up of the microphone setup for recording slow footsteps on large gravel.   I think the customised laces in my footwear really added to my performance of footstep-artistry.   😛
Recording foley - close-up of the microphone set-up for footsteps on large gravel.
And here is some of that audio.

Even though it was June, you can probably tell from our choice of clothing that the early morning was still quite chillsome.   Getting back to bed after that was so blissful, it was almost  (almost)  worth getting up that early just to be able to go back to bed afterwards.

I hope you enjoyed my documentary of that foley-gathering session at stupid o’clock on 07 June 2009.

Bye for now.   🙂

More foley gatherage.
Yet more foley gatherage.
And more foley gatherage.


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